Exciting PARTNERSHIP Update: TMN Global + CrowdSwap Launchpad

TMN Global
2 min readMay 15, 2023

TMN Global is delighted to announce a strategic partnership with CrowdSwap, the innovative German-based DEX known for its cross-chain automation and optimization solutions. As part of this collaboration, CrowdSwap will host a “Launchpad” sale (similar to an IDO) for TMNG tokens from June 5th-15th, 2023, complementing the ongoing TMNG token sale on the TMN Global platform.

Through CrowdSwap’s cutting-edge technology and best-price-routing capabilities, TMNG token investors will have an additional secure and efficient platform to purchase and trade their tokens. This strategic partnership aims to expand our reach within the DeFi community and accelerate the growth of the TMNG token sale.

This collaboration not only highlights the potential of decentralized exchanges and organizations within the cryptocurrency space but also showcases the commitment of TMN Global and CrowdSwap to provide the best experience to their communities.

To our early adopters and supporters, we invite you to participate in the parallel TMNG token sale on CrowdSwap, alongside the ongoing sale on the TMN Global platform. Both platforms offer unique opportunities to invest in TMNG tokens and benefit from the exciting potential of this partnership.

A bonus regarding this launch is that investors on CrowdSwap can purchase using any supported chain into TMNG (Ethereum). This opens up our sale to a greater audience and is a mega benefit for anyone participating.

Prepare for the TMNG token sale on CrowdSwap, and stay tuned for more details on dates, requirements, and processes. We look forward to growing together with CrowdSwap, and we’re excited about the future we can create within the DeFi ecosystem!

Visit www.CrowdSwap.org for more info and to participate!



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